Who Am I?

Christopher Bright:

I am a business professional with over 15 years of experience in Customer Service. I started my working days at the age of 14 at my local Burger King restaurant. From there I had multiple part time jobs as I progressed through school. These jobs ranged from bus boy to waiter to supervisor at a high end luggage store.

After graduating from Nichols College in 2007 with a BSBA in Marketing and Economics I have spent the next 10 years working directly with customers in a three very different environments. My first full time job was at an up and coming software company where I was a sales territory manager with a territory sprawling the west coast of the United States all the way to the United Kingdom.  Being the primary point of contact for my company throughout the courtship of these potential clients, who I was, was also who NTP Software was in the eyes of these prospects.

After my days in business to business sales I transitioned into a role at Enterprise Rent-A-Car in Framingham, MA. I completed the Management Training program at Enterprise in 1 year. From there I was promoted to Management Assistant at the Marlboro, MA branch. One month later I was promoted again to Assistant Manager back at my Framingham, MA location. One of the mottoes of the Taylor Family (owners of Enterprise Rent-A-Car) is that “Customer Service is a way of life”.  This was not some hollow sentiment to drive business, customer was a direct metric used to determine an employees ability to be promoted throughout the company.  Anything less than Completely Satisfied customers were seen as a negative and would be detrimental to a branches Enterprise Service Quality Index (ESQI) score.  During my time at Enterprise I sharpened my skills not only in Customer Service but as a leader of those who interacted with our customers from open to close.

After Enterprise I moved to my current position at Meditech. At Meditech I am a Service Specialist for their Billing and Accounts Receivable, Claims, Accounts Payable, General Ledger, Scanning/Archiving and Material Managements applications. Here I have mentored and trained not only newer specialists but specialists my senior as well.  My primary focus in my current position is customer service.  Unlike the positions I held prior I do not have any of my attention pulled worrying if I will hit certain sales numbers.  With that freedom I have thrived.  I have been able to focus all of my time on providing excellent customer service to each and every hospital I work with.

All three of my full time work environments have been vastly different but all had one common thread…Customer Service. It is an area I excelled in at each stop and I now hope to share my experience and advice with you.


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